Research Collaborations

Wound Care Systems

  • M. Sarwar Alam : M. Sarwar Alam is a professor of organic chemistry and has been participating in the pharmacokinetic aspects of the wound dressings. He has been contributing to the biological aspects of the dressings in contact with the tissues with special reference to the tissue compatibility of biomaterials and natural products in our group. He has been involved in the development of pH-sensitive and thermo-sensitive drug release systems for oral insulin delivery. ¬†Email:

  • Surya Bhan : Surya Bhan is assistant professor in Department of Biochemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Shillong. His area of interest deals with in-vitro and in-vivo delivery of natural therapeutics. Currently his group is focusing on pathophysiology of delayed wound healing & role of apoptosis Email:

  • Anupama Sharma : Anupama Sharma is professor at University Institute of Chemical Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She has been working on the nanocomposite materials for biomedical application. The materials should provide shape memory behaviour and offer matrix for cardiac implants and sutures. ¬† Email: