Research Collaborations

Tissue Engineering

  • Didier Letourneur : Didier Letourneur is a research director at INSERM, Paris, France. He is working in the field of chemistry, materials engineering, biology, biomedical imaging and cardiovascular research. The major objective of his research is to develop biomaterials, based on natural and synthetic polymers, which can be used as prosthesis or to reconstruct blood vessels. One direct application of this research is the development of 3D matrices for cardiovascular tissue engineering. A second program relates to local arterial gene/drug therapy, and involves developing biopolymers for functionalized stents (endovascular stents). Email:

  • Joëlle Amédée : Joelle Amedee is Research Professor at INSERM, Universite Bordeaux Segalen. She has expertise in tissue engineering, adult stem cell differentiation from human bone marrow and adipose tissue (cell adhesion, cell differentiation), osteogenesis and angiogenesis coupling , cell to cell communication-cell/biomaterial interfaces. She is experimenting in models of small animals. Email:

  • Amlan Gupta : Amlan Gupta is professor and Head of Department of Pathology in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Gangtok, Sikkim. He has been contributing to the skin tissue engineering and cytotoxicity studies of biomaterials in our group. Email:

  • R. S. Verma : He is a professor in IIT Madras working on nanotechnology using synthetic biodegradable micro-molecules and biodegradable polymers as scaffolds for stem cell differentiation into cardiac tissue for heart injury repair. Email: