Research Students

He is working on various research domains and guiding many research students at doctorate level as well as masters and bachelors level in the area of biomaterials and tissue engineering. Prof. Gupta has been the driving force for many students and has been supervising students for PhD, M.Tech and B.Tech level.

Ph. D. (in Progress)

  • Manali Somani
    Antimicrobial Urinary Catheter
  • Ankita Sharma
    Hydrogel based Wound care system
  • Pratibha Singh
    Hydrogel based biocompatible nanobiocomposites
  • Vadana Kumari
    PCL based Scaffold deigning
  • Priya
    Nanocomposites for dye wastewater treatment
  • Amit Sharma
    Herbal Processing of silver nanoparticles